Сончевиот Мезонски тегла светлина

Сончевиот Мезонски тегла светлина

Мејсон тегла сончев капак осветлување жица висечки фенер LED напојување конзервирање Оркестарот


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Декоративни стринг светлина bulbs и батеријапридвижуван предводенастринг светлинаsнаразни видови до задоволи вашиот потребизаMason jar светлина.

Соларни панели: монокристал

Battery: 1*NI-MH 200mAh AAA батерија

Тип на LED: 10 бели води

Материјал: Стакло

Solar Mason cans are suitable заany location because they do not require electricity и require simple sunсветлина charging. Built-in светлина sensor that auдоmatically turns on at night и turns off during the day до save charging energy.

Take a look at these images и imagine our LED Mason jar светлинаs hanging in the air on вашиот deskдоp or during the ceremony. Create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere заthe modern wedding that you и вашиот guests look forward до.

Suitable заindoor or outdoor use, each Mason jar is madeнаthick glass, including our patented LED Mason Jar cover, built-in 10/15/20 fairy LED, attached до a thin copper wire до create what you see here The exquisite, whimsical look.

These батерија-powered Mason Jar Lights are equipped with simple On / Off switches и notched hиles that can be used on the ground or suspended in the air до illuminate trees, courtyards, gardens, trails or other lиscapes.

Combine our unique Mercury Glass Votive cиlestick, tablet charger и Table Confetti до create a modern, stylish look завашиот event or special day. Our Mason jars are stиard sizes so they can be used freely заcrafts и DIY projects.

Add a lace ribbon до match вашиот vintage theme и/or burlap до create a modern, rustic chic style. With just a little creativity, you can come up with a varietyнаMason jar ideas до add a perfect доuch до вашиот event.

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